• Pregnancy Miracle eBook Review – Is It a Scam?

    Lisa Olson is an ordinary person who had the need regarding the same thing most women normally wish for – get pregnant and make a family. She was once having difficulty dealing with her infertility. But for some personal reasons, she pursued and believed she would have some children someday. She bore two beautiful and […]

  • Folic acid immense role on mental health of infant: a review

    Folic acid’s most well-known benefit for a healthy pregnancy is helping prevent spinal cord defects. Specifically, folic acid fortification of our food supply has helped reduced neural tube defects by 23% in the 1990’s (1).  The current folic acid fortification guidelines are 0.14 mg of folic acid per 100 grams of cereal grain, which is […]

  • Pregnancy Miracle Review: Special Edition

    Pregnancy miracle review is just one of the so many e-books that provide inspiration to countless of women who are raring to get pregnant or trying to conceive. This book recommends no fertility drugs or frequent expensive visits to your doctor. In truth, Lisa Olson, the author of the book shares concrete details on how […]

  • Pregnancy Miracle Review

    It may seem like the most natural thing to conceive but when your efforts fail after a certain amount of time has passed then the effects of this problem is evidently emotionally draining.  Nobody will fully be aware of the heartache that is associated with infertility unless they themselves are going through it. Hope seems […]