• Managing Sciatica During Pregnancy

    As if general aches and pains weren’t enough, some pregnant women find themselves with an even more painful condition: sciatica during pregnancy. This condition occurs when the baby’s head presses against the mother’s sciatic nerve, which runs down the spine, into the pelvis and upper leg area. The symptoms are shooting pains or numbness in […]

  • 5 Best Foods For Lung Health

    The lungs are among extremely important parts in the body that are essential for human life and communication. The lung health can be promoted by a healthy diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals. Once speaking about the lung healthy foods, broccoli tops the list but there are many other foods that can help […]

  • Vital Facts About Yeast Infections During Pregnancy

    There are many people today that are currently suffering severe discomfort brought by their yeast infection. The symptoms of this discomfort are something that you can’t just ignore. The symptoms of this infection are severe itchiness, burning sensation, creamy white vaginal discharges and unpleasant genital odour. Apart from these physical symptoms of the condition, patients […]