• Should Pregnancy foods be organic?

    The conflict about organic vs. regular foods is a hot one, especially when it comes to the question of what makes for the healthiest pregnancy foods. Let’s start by looking at what organic food really is, and then why proponents recommend it so highly. What is Organic Food? Organic farming is the practice of raising […]

  • Several Fetus Development Stages During Pregnancy

    During pregnancy, female mammals experience a great change, especially in hormonal roller coaster. The fetus goes through some developmental stages over the pregnancy course month by month. Knowing the development of the fetus is beneficial for the expecting mother since she can know what is happening inside her. The first month The egg which has […]

  • Prevention and Treatment of Heartburn During Pregnancy

    For many women, heartburn is a big part of the pregnancy. The pylorus muscle is relaxed by pregnancy hormones causing the closure of the esophagus to relaxed, which causes stomach acid to leak into the esophagus. Once there it irritates the tissues of the esophagus . In the course of the pregnancy, There will be […]

  • Pregnancy Stages period for women when she conceives a baby

    The normal pregnancy duration is 40 weeks which starts from the very first day of your ultimate day of the normal menstrual cycle. Few common symptoms of the beginning of pregnancy are tiredness, nausea, breast changes, no menstrual cycle and finally changes in the breasts. Whereas few symptoms of the late pregnancy periods are swelling […]

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